Our Smokers

American-made Craftsmanship

Myron Mixon is an American original and so are the smokers that bear his name. Each unit is designed and built using advanced manufacturing techniques and patented technologies to create bulletproof masterpieces that produce the most mouth-watering BBQ in the business.

Technology and design that take BBQ to its highest level

Waterpan Technology™. This exclusive feature of our water smokers involves an indirect water cooking system to evenly disperse heat throughout the cooking chamber and lock in the natural juices. The result: You can cook hot and fast or low and slow and still get great results.

Industrial-grade insulation. The 1” thick insulation on every smoker we make means that heat and moisture stay in the smoke chamber, letting you cook hotter and faster while maintaining consistent temperatures and using less fuel. This saves time and money while keeping your BBQ moist and tender.

Rectangular racks. Our unique rectangular shape delivers equal meat capacity on the top and bottom racks of the smoker and maximum cubic square footage. We also offer the option to add additional racks for even more capacity. Whether you’re feeding family and friends or competing to win, you’ll have the capacity you need.

Rounded charcoal chute. Our Gravity Feed smokers feature a charcoal feed path with rounded corners so that charcoal moves easily and evenly to the cook chamber. A double-sealed fire door ensures even greater heat consistency. Full-length firebox. The firebox extends the entire length of the cook chamber. This optimizes the distribution of the smoke – and the flavor.

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