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The BARQ Difference

A Closer Look at BARQ-2400

  • Integral meat probes = no-opening for temp checks
  • Large capacity allows for 7 roasting pans
  • Integrated exhaust stacks help maintain even temperature and maximize fuel efficiency.
  • 4 Nickel-chrome racks
  • Hopper clean-out door
  • Stainless drip pan
  • User-friendly control panel


Approximate Weight280 lbs.
Dimensions57.75" W x 35.9" D x 46.5" H
Cooking Rack4
Cooking Rack Dimensions27.375" x 20.625"
Cooking Capacity2400 sq/in
Burn TimeUp to 28 hours


IconFood ItemSTD.
(4 racks)
Hotel Pans7
Whole Chicken (4-6 lbs.)12
Chicken Wings (Jumbo)160
Baby Back Ribs24
St. Louis Ribs16
Boston Butt (7-9 lbs.)12
Brisket (15-18 lbs.)4
Whole HogN/A

Frequently Asked Questions


Does the grill need to be plugged in to work?

Yes. Electricity powers all the components that feed and burn the pellets.

How long will my grill take to get to temperature?

This depends on weather conditions, set temperature, type and condition of pellets, etc. so the times will vary greatly.

How many pellets does the hopper hold?

The hopper holds 20lbs of pellets.

The Combustion air fan is not turning. Why not?

This can be caused by the grease on the shaft of the fan seizing due to lack of use. If this occurs, with the unit UNPLUGGED spin the fan a few times to loosen the grease.

The Grill doesn’t light. This can be caused by any one of the following:
  • There is excessive buildup of ash in the Fire Pot and needs to be cleaned. Please refer to the cleaning instructions in your owner’s manual.
  • Pellets are not being fed to the fire pot. Refer to initial firing instructions in your Owner’s manual.
The grill will not power on. This can be caused by any one of the following:
  • Bad outlet
  • Tripped GFCI
  • Bad or broken extension Cord
  • Blown Fuse on the back of the controller
What comes standard when I order a BARQ pellet grill?

Digital control display, stainless steel accents, a 20 lbs. capacity pellet hopper, stainless steel front and side shelves, four removable nickel chrome cook racks and a set of two plug and play meat probes.

What is the temperature range of the grill?

The grill has a temperature range of 180F-450F.

What kind of pellets should I use in my grill?

Always use high quality food grade pellets in your grill. We recommend Myron Mixon BBQ Pellets. Home heating pellets should NEVER be used in your grill.

Will temperature fluctuate during operation?

Yes. The digital readout on the controller displays real-time internal temperature. You will see slight fluctuations, but the controller is always working to keep the temperature as close to the set temperature as possible.