Build Your Smoker

The Gravity Smoker Difference

A Closer Look at MMS-G33

  • Military grade insulation
  • Stainless hardware
  • Rounded charcoal chute - 20 lbs. capacity
  • Double-sealed fire door
  • Stainless cook chamber
  • Nickel-chrome racks
  • Removable water pan
  • Slam latch door
  • Integrated wire port


Approximate Weight880 lbs.
Dimensions63" W x 31.3" D x 61.3" H
Cooking Rack7 STD/11 MAX
Cooking Rack Dimensions27" x 24.75"
Cooking Capacity4678 sq/in STD
7351 sq/in MAX
Burn TimeUp to 20 hours


IconFood ItemSTD.
(7 racks)
(11 racks)
Whole Chicken (4-6 lbs.)45
Chicken Wings (Jumbo)350550
Baby Back Ribs4977
St. Louis Ribs3555
Boston Butt (7-9 lbs.)45
Brisket (15-18 lbs.)15
Whole HogN/A

Frequently Asked Questions


Are the cooking grates removable?

Yes, the cooking grates can easily be removed.

Can I still cook in the winter?

Yes. Our smokers are fully insulated and will maintain temperatures even in the colder winter climates.

Do I have to keep water in my pan?

No, the water pan is optional on the Gravity Feed Series. Using water during a cook will help to maintain moisture in the cook chamber and in your meats. You can also use the water pan other liquids or vegetable, etc… for additional flavor profiles. If you choose to not use the water pan it can be removed, but remember to have the V-shaped grease deflector in place so that no drippings get into the transfer chute.

Do I need to move my meat around during the cook?

One of the biggest benefits of our smoker is that you do not need to continually open the door to move your meat around. Our exceptional construction methodology and insulation ensures unmatched consistency throughout the cook. There is little variance in temperature in the cook chamber. Just be sure to keep about a fingertip width in between your meats to allow the smoke to move freely and evenly in the cook chamber.

Do you offer Temperature Controlled Systems or Fans?

Due to our quality construction and insulation, our smokers have unmatched heat retention and can maintain temperatures throughout the cook. Although using a temperature control system or fan during a cook makes it extremely effortless, it is not a necessity like it is with many of the other competitor models in the market. We recommend either BBQ guru or Flame Boss.

How do I control my temperature?

Once you reach your desired temperature, you can control the temperature by adjusting the ball valve on the outside of the firebox door.

How do I drain any liquids that may get into my smoker?

There is a drain valve underneath your smoker to drain out any liquids.

How long does it take for my smoker to get up to temperature?

Without a temperature control system or fan like the BBQ Guru then plan on 45 – 60 mins. With such a system about half that time.

How often do I need to add fuel to my fire?

The charcoal is your fuel source and is inside your charcoal chute self-feeding at all times. Full chamber will last far longer than any of your cook times. Depending on your cook temperatures a good rule of thumb for usage is approximately ½ – 1 lb. per hour.

What types of fuel can I use?

You can cook use either briquettes or lump charcoal. You can also add the wood of your choice to the firebox to add that smoke flavor.

Where do you ship?

We can ship anywhere. We offer freight services that cover the entire United States. While we do not provide exportation services, we can prepare your smoker for an overseas shipment and refer you to a company who can assist you with getting the smoker to its final destination. You tell us where you want your smoker and we will help you get it there.

Will the exterior of the smoker rust if I leave it outside uncovered?

All of our smokers go through a 2-step, powder coat process. It provides a superior and attractive finish and is four times more durable than other paint applications. We apply a zinc primer base coat for added durability and we then finish with a high-temp exterior powder coat, which is rated for 5,000 salt spray hours.